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Neuro Nest : Supporting Neurodiverse Families

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🌟 Welcome to NeuroNest! 💙🧩

Greetings everyone, I'm BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti, the founder of Secrets Kept in Nature, The Holistic Healing House Pod School, The Herbal Farmacy, The Ancient Indigenous Birthwork Doula Training Courses and now NeuroNest!

I’m 30 years old,  a stay-at-home mom, traveling traditional midwife/birthworker, ( but based in Durham, North Carolina), Herbalist, certified holistic health practitioner and a passionate gardener.

I've been on quite a journey, and I'm thrilled to welcome you all to our newest community, NeuroNest.

The inspiration behind NeuroNest came from my own experiences as a mother. After creating various holistic and educational ventures, including a homeschooling community, I realized that my son needed more support than I could provide on my own. After his official diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, severe level three, in May 2023, I knew I had to create a space where families like ours could come together for support, understanding, and friendship.

My intention for this group is simple: to build a community where we can share our challenges, successes, and experiences. I believe that together, we can uplift and support each other as we navigate the beautiful journey of raising neurodiverse children.

As we get started, I'd love for everyone to introduce themselves. Tell us about your children, feel free to share photos, and let's get to know each other better.

Here's some photos of me and my Littles – my son I-Yahdan, who is four, and my adventurous three-year-old teenager , Kosmic Genesis🌱

I'm excited to see what we can accomplish together in this space. Feel free to share any ideas, resources, or events you have in mind. Let's make NeuroNest a place where we can all grow.

Looking forward to connecting with you all! 🌟 You can find me on

Instagram as @holisticmystik_ ,

on TikTok as @holisticmystik13, and on Facebook as BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti.

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Hey there! I'm NOT just your typical single stay-at-home mom...
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