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Neuro Nest : Supporting Neurodiverse Families

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🌟 Welcome to NeuroNest! 💙🧩

Greetings everyone, I'm BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti, the founder of Secrets Kept in Nature, The Holistic Healing House Pod School, The Herbal Farmacy, The Ancient Indigenous Birthwork Doula Training Courses and now NeuroNest!

I’m 30 years old,  a stay-at-home mom, traveling traditional midwife/birthworker, ( but based in Durham, North Carolina), Herbalist, certified holistic health practitioner and a passionate gardener.

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🌟 Exciting Announcement! 💙🧩

I am thrilled to announce that NeuroNest💙🧩🪺 has added a major resource for families to our community. Welcome, RDU Assessments and Advocacy, offering psychological testing services for children, adolescents, and teens! 🎉

Paulina Yang
BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti
April 7, 2024 · changed the group description.

Hey there! I'm NOT just your typical single stay-at-home mom juggling life with two littles under 5.

One of them happens to be diagnosed with severe autism. Sound familiar?

Well, inspired by my own chaotic yet beautiful journey, I went ahead and created an online community/group for parents like us – you know, those who are knee-deep in diapers and meltdowns but wouldn't trade it for the world!

Welcome to NeuroNest: Supporting Neurodiverse Families!

In NeuroNest, I'm all about:

- Sharing my experiences as the creator of the group and a single stay-at-home momprenuer, raising a neurodiverse child.

- Offering assistance, understanding, and solidarity to families with neurodiverse members, including children on the autism spectrum, those with ADD, ADHD, ODD, and individuals experiencing anxiety.

- Building a supportive network for both families and parents, emphasizing the communal aspect of our group.

- Focusing on holistic and conscious parenting for children with autism, prioritizing their overall well-being and incorporating ethical dietary choices into our lifestyle.

- Accommodating advanced siblings within the family dynamic, ensuring that their unique needs are met.

- Practicing approaches that align with my values and beliefs, integrating traditional ABA therapy and exploring alternative and  ancient methods that embrace natural alternatives.

- Sharing valuable resources, links, books, and PDFs to help you navigate the journey of raising neurodiverse children.

- Hosting in-person meet and greets and play dates, providing opportunities for families to connect and children to socialize in a supportive environment.

- Offering holistic handmade remedies and products to make your family's daily routine smoother and more manageable.

- Striving to empower and support our children to become self-sufficient, functioning adults, equipped with the skills they need to thrive in the world.

- Cultivating a community where we learn empathy and compassion, both for our own families and for others in similar situations.

Join us as we navigate the beautiful journey of raising neurodiverse children together!

BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti
April 7, 2024 · added a group cover image.


Hey there! I'm NOT just your typical single stay-at-home mom...
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