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Our Packages 

Experience holistic maternity care that honors the Secrets Kept in Nature.


Traditional Midwifery 
starting at $5000
For Homebirths

This comprehensive package encompasses every aspect of your home birth, from the creation of a specialized birthing plan to the tender moments of delivery. Our expert support extends throughout your pregnancy, offering spiritual, educational, and emotional assistance. Embrace holistic prenatal care, comforting pain management techniques, and traditional "baby catching" practices. Enjoy the option of an intimate water birth, intuitive breastfeeding support, and postpartum follow-up visits—all within the familiarity and comfort of your home. Additionally, choose from unique offerings such as belly binding, placenta encapsulation, or placenta burial. Capture the essence of this extraordinary experience with optional  photography and videos. With virtual on-call support, both domestically and internationally, trust us to make your home birth a truly unforgettable and blissful occasion.


Essential Doula Services
starting at $1800
For Hospital & Birthing Center Births

This package was crafted to offering the essentials for expectant parents and includes personalized birth plan, facilitated by two dedicated birth attendants that offer holistic assistance during your hospital or birthing center experience. With  in-person hospital planning sessions, holistic prenatal care, and a focus on holistic comfort measures and pain management, our package ensures a holistic and supportive approach to childbirth. Embrace the benefits of holistic herbal remedies and attend prenatal fitness meetups for physical well-being and community support. Capture the beauty of this transformative experience with optional photography and videos. Additionally, benefit from virtual on-call support , and international and domestic travel assistance, making your birthing journey a memorable and well-supported endeavor.


Deluxe Doula Services
starting at $2500
For Hospital & Birthing Center Births

This package includes  a personalized birth plan tailored to your preferences, supported by two dedicated holistic doulas providing continuous care throughout your pregnancy journey. From spiritual, educational, and emotional support to holistic comfort measures and pain management during labor and post-birth, our luxury birth services extend to intuitive breastfeeding supportpostpartum follow-up visits, and the option of belly binding,  post labor womb steaming, placenta encapsulation, or placenta burial. Elevate your well-being with  prenatal fitness meetups and capture the precious moments with optional photography and videos. With 24/7 virtual on-call support from weeks 37-42 and international and domestic travel assistance, let us guide you through a holistic and memorable hospital birth experience.


Virtual Birth Support
starting at $1000
For Home, Hospital & Birthing Center Births

Crafted to support virtually. Collaboratively create a customized birth plan with the guidance of two dedicated holistic doulas who offer continuous support through virtual means. Enjoy on-demand assistance via call, text, or video throughout your  pregnancy, labor, and birth. Experience spiritual, educational, moral, and emotional support through virtual prenatal sessions, complemented by holistic tips and remedies tailored to ensure a smooth and empowered pregnancy and birth. Join virtual prenatal fitness meetups for physical well-being and community support. Additional offerings include virtual herbal consultations and guidance on capturing virtual birthing moments through photography or videography. This package ensures your journey is not only supported but also profoundly empowering and serene.


How Soon Should I Book ?

Secrets Kept in Nature offers comprehensive holistic birth services to ensure that your special day is one that you will treasure forever. Our knowledgeable birthworkers can help you with everything from deciding when to book to providing emotional and physical support during labor. It is imperative that you book your birthworker as soon as you decide you'd like one to ensure the best experience possible.


We strongly advise booking your birthworker as early as possible, ideally no later than week 28 of your pregnancy. This not only maximizes your experience but also allows you to select a stress-free payment plan, ensuring your focus remains on the joyous occasion.

Post-Delivery Healing Services

Placenta Encapsulation


Encompassing the supportive role of a dedicated postpartum doula. In addition to the personalized in-home healing sessions, nutritional guidance, and traditional belly binding for physical recovery. Organizing postpartum gatherings or "baby welcoming" parties, offering assistance with event planning, and ensuring a comfortable and joyful environment for the new mother and her baby. Extending support to light housekeeping tasks, aiding in the maintenance of a calm and tidy living space. Embrace the convenience of baby wearing as our doula guides you through this nurturing practice, enhancing the bond between parent and child. The package further includes lactation support scheduling to provide expert guidance and assistance with breastfeeding.. Our offering extends to emotional and spiritual support through postpartum counseling sessions, guided meditation techniques, and gentle postpartum fitness guidance. Capture the cherished early moments with a dedicated newborn photography session, ensuring these precious memories last a lifetime. With virtual on-call support for any postpartum concerns, our Post-Delivery Package  aims to provide holistic care and support for a peaceful and empowered transition into motherhood.

Transforming your placenta into easily consumable capsules to support postpartum recovery. Benefit from a personalized pre-birth consultation, ensuring your preferences and questions are addressed. Enhance your understanding with a dedicated placenta education session, exploring the benefits of encapsulation. Enjoy  holistic postpartum wellness tips. As an option, choose placenta cord keepsake, to commemorate this unique aspect of your journey. With  virtual on-call support, our package is designed to provide a seamless and supportive experience for your postpartum well-being.

Determining the Right Birth Support for My Individual Requirements

Recognizing birth as a sacred transformation and initiation, Doulas work to protect the birth space and facilitate the ideal birth experience desired by the mother, including those opting for



Various types of Doulas exist, such as Fertility Doulas,

Nutrition Doulas, Antepartum Doulas, Birth/Labor Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Abortion Doulas, and Death Doulas. 

A Traditional Midwife is a pregnancy and childbirth care provider that provides basic health care, support and advice during and after pregnancy based primarily on experience and knowledge acquired informally through the traditions and practices of the communities where they originated. It includes techniques that have been passed down through centuries, as well as modern, innovative techniques that are consistent with maternal autonomy. Traditional Midwives are community centered midwives who encourage the active involvement of family members and typically are the ones who "catch" / deliver the baby. 


Doulas are trained and experienced labor companions who provides the woman and her partner/spouse with continuous support and assistance in obtaining information before, during and just after childbirth. "Doula" is a Greek word for caregiver or servant. ​. The ultimate job here is to protect the birth space and give the mom the ideal birth experience that she desires. C-Section moms can have doulas too. ​


Fertility Doulas assist with prepping and transitioning the woman as well as her partner's lifestyle into a toxic free, wholesome and holistic one to increase chances of becoming pregnant. This is done by customizing a unique healing plan, incorporating herbs, sharing resources, education as well as ovulation tracking support.

Birth/Labor Doulas  help provide comfort in assisting a woman through her pregnancy and labor by providing education, emotional, spiritual and moral support during the pregnancy. Birth/Labor doulas provide comfort solutions such as massage therapy, acupressure, emotional and spiritual encouragement, rebozo and more. 


Postpartum Doulas provide care to a family once the baby is born to make the period of getting settled and adjusted as smooth as possible. The duties of a postpartum doula is to also provide healing modalities for the new mom such as yoni steams, closing of birth ceremonies, sibling care, light housekeeping and even meal prepping.

Death and Abortion Doulas provide emotional, spiritual and moral support to the parents of the deceased baby whether it is caused by a medically induced termination, miscarriage or still birth. 

Benefits of having a doula or birth companion 

  • Continuous Support

  • Increased Comfort Levels

  • Emotional Support

  • Spiritual Support (Per Request)

  • Educational Support

  • Reduction in Cesarean Rate

  • Shorter Labor

  • Reduction in Epidural Use

  • Reduction in Synthetic Oxytocin Use

  • Reduction in Vacuum Delivery

  • Reduction in Negative Childbirth Experience

  • Reduction in Usage of Any Pain Medication

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