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At Secrets Kept in Nature, our holistic journey is deeply personal, rooted in the transformative experiences of our founder, BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti – also known as Mama Mystik. Diagnosed with lupus at the age of 15, BriAnkh-Ka inadvertently embarked on a profound and innate exploration of holistic healing.


Facing the challenges of lupus, BriAnkh-Ka experienced a shift in dietary preferences, gravitating towards a conscious lifestyle that eventually led to a complete embrace of veganism. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a holistic awakening, where the desire for health consciousness propelled BriAnkh-Ka into a journey that would redefine well-being.


As part of BriAnkh-Ka's senior exit, a detailed report titled "The Effects of Non-Pharmacological Interventions Through Pain and Stress Management" became the catalyst for a deeper exploration of holistic healing. Through days and weeks of discomfort, prescription medicines, exams, and bloodwork, BriAnkh-Ka discovered that lupus need not be a lifelong struggle. Inspired by stories of survivors achieving remission, BriAnkh-Ka delved into holistic research, uncovering the intricate connections between mind, body, soul, and spirit.


Rejecting the label of a lupus warrior, BriAnkh-Ka took health into personal hands. Incorporating herbs, whole fruits and vegetables, scrutinizing ingredient labels, eliminating harmful skincare products and toxic perfumes, and embracing regular workouts became the pillars of BriAnkh-Ka's holistic approach. Witnessing incredible results, BriAnkh-Ka not only overcame lupus but also inspired those who witnessed the journey.


Today, BriAnkh-Ka stands medication-free for nearly a decade, a testament to the power of holistic and alternative medicine. The mission of Secrets Kept in Nature is to amplify the transformative potential of holistic healing, not just in addressing imbalances and diseases but also in the realms of labor, birth, and everyday life. 

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Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Traditional Midwife, Doula / Birthworker


"An imbalance in the body causes mucus, and mucus causes disease."

Dr. Sebi

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