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For years, I've advocated for the consumption of seamoss gel in its raw form, but unfortunately, my warnings about potential issues with improperly prepared gel have often gone unheeded.


Some individuals, driven by profit motives, have been selling seamoss gel combined with fresh fruit without proper precautionary measures. It's crucial to highlight that this combination is not intended to be sold under the assumption that it will last longer than 3-5 days, as fresh fruit can lead to mold growth in sea moss gel, even if not immediately apparent.


Despite warnings from myself and other holistic practitioners about the risks associated with consuming seamoss gel containing fresh fruit, consumers still purchase it to avoid the taste and texture of real moss. In response to these concerns, I've partnered with 9E Health and Wellness to provide safer alternatives for consumers to enjoy seamoss with added flavor.


Our approach involves using real fruit, but it is dehydrated into a fruit powder, creating a sweet and nourishing effect.


Three of our best-selling seamoss drinks are available in watermelon, strawberry and pineapple flavors, and they are particularly popular among children. You can conveniently purchase your seamoss drinks by the case, which includes 14 drinks (one a day to keep the mucus away).


All our drinks are made to order, ensuring freshness.

Seamoss Infused Natural Juice 7 or 14 count

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