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Temple of Ancient Mysteries Elemental Institute :


We deeply appreciate your patronage and support! Infinite gratitude to individuals like you who know living takes courage and also individuals who welcome direct experience as their teacher. Experience the mystery school.

Fulljoy the  teachings of  the Mystery School by building with other like minds  toward a finely tuned inner stillness and present moment awareness. You are invited to share your experiences and what you are learning with your classmates in an online format.


Enrolling in this program will provoke and excite into awakening your deepest truth. Initiations and rites of passage open gateways out of normal states of awareness, revealing new views of yourself and all you once labeled as “real."


You will touch a Universal Truth not as something out there, but rather as near as your own heart. A wisdom more honest than thought or idea emerges through your own uncensored experiences through high esoteric and ancient knowledge. 


  • Become a student of our mystery school 

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