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A Letter To My Youth

It was the middle of November of the year 2018 when I had this really vivid dream exactly 2 days after you were conceived. It was an awakening. Actually, I was awake and in the dream world simultaneously. There I saw a laser blue horizontal light that scanned my body from head to toe, leaving me feeling lifeless (I literally had lost all the breath that was in my body).

A few seconds later, the same laser blue light scanned me from the feet up, re-filling my temple with breath as I laid flat on my back. What could this be?

Instantly, “I’M PREGNANT!” popped in my head. The most unexplainable feeling I’ve ever experienced. “No!” I thought…. that was too random to be it as I stared at the ceiling of our eco-friendly home in the tropics of St. Ann, Jamaica.

“I’m tripping”, I thought. The curiosity almost took me out as I watched my partner lean from over the bedside as he hurled (vomited) into a bucket. He looked at me as he gasped for air, “if yuh nah breed den mi mussi breed” he said sarcastically.

From that moment on, I just KNEW…...even though it may have seemed as if I was in denial, I ALWAYS KNEW. Just the fear of not being ready, not being in this so-called perfect space and not having much to offer a youth is what kept me from total acceptance. But I always knew who you were and what you were.

You fit every description of the old wives’ tales.

1. No morning sickness.

2. Carrying low.

3. Little to no symptoms.

4. Glowing skin.

5. Tremendous hair growth.

6. Right boob larger than the left.

I knew it was you!

From day one, I paraded around telling all my close family and friends that you were a boy. I just felt it.

Being able to fully trust my intuition, my spirit of discernment and being in tune with my body and the divine laws of nature, I didn’t need confirmation from any outside source.

This is my definition of living in the KNOW.

For That I Give Infinite Thankhs to SOURCE, DIVINE CREATION,


My dear SUN !

May you be forever protected!



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