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🚰 💧 ✨First off, let me start by addressing the #3daywaterfast that I completed last week.

What is a water fast ? 💦

💎A 3 day water fast is a very intense fast which consist of consuming nothing but pure WATER (preferably alkaline) for 3 days.

🛑 🌿 NO herbs, no teas, ☕️no fruit , 🍑 no food 🥘 of any sort , no smoking 🚭 , no chewing gum, NOTHING. If it is not water 💦 , it absolutely cannot enter your body. ✋🏾

✨Research shows how abstaining from food for 3 days enables the entire human body to regenerate the white blood cells. 📊📈This is especially good for those suffering or whom have suffered from auto immune diseases and/or chemo-therapy.

⚠️ Secondly, No one fasts for FUN. The fast was done with PURPOSE. As trendy and cool as it may sound, it was everything BUT “COOL”. Your body goes through various stages of withdrawal symptoms. 😷 I experienced mild headaches, hunger pains, of course, immobility of the limbs, intense mood swings and so on. 🤢

✅ THE RESULTS HOWEVER WERE VERY REWARDING; 🧘🏾‍♀️ spiritually 🧚🏾‍♀️ , mentally 💭 and physically💪🏾.

💎Now, several people have contacted ☎️ me in regards to what to expect...seeking an explanation as to why I fasted. 🏃🏾‍♀️ 💨 Some reasons I wish not to disclose, but what I will tell you is that the benefits of fasting enhances mental clarity and that fasting reflects your level of self discipline.

✨At the end of a fast, you have a different level of appreciation for basic REAL foods. 🍌 🍇🥗 It is important to not eat heavy the night before your fast starts as well as afterwards. I drank smoothies and warm soups the following day of the fast to avoid taking my body through shock.

💧This fast is a gateway to embracing change in your life. Once you pass through this gate, the purpose is to embrace wisdom. If we seek change, we must become that. ✊🏾We’re all learning and we’re all growing 🌱. What if we grow to be better decision makers? 📶 that part ☝🏾 Thats the purpose of the fast, to embrace POSITIVE 🔋CHANGE. #wisdomistheway 😌 #3daywaterfast 🔑

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