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Alright, people … you asked and I’m coming through.

In Jamaican culture, they say if you have a stamma or stutter, then to eat from the calabash.

Apparently, it’s supposed to work wonders for your speech. Plus, it’s known to help the little ones on the spectrum who may appear non verbal.

Introducing our Handmade Authentic Hand-Carved Calabash Bowls, straight outta Jamaica.

Dem ting deh crafted by some serious bad-man artisans, who know dem ting. I

I’m talking directly from the calabash tree, carved with precision, and then left out to sun-dry for that extra durability and authenticity.

Don’t forget the health benefits. Calabash is known to sort out your digestion and keep you feeling tip-top. There is some real magic in dining from a calabash bowl.

They say in African folklore that these bowls carry some spiritual vibes, connecting you to nature and your ancestors with every bite.

Now, each bowl comes loaded with Jamaican stories and history, making it more than just a dish – it’s a piece of culture. These bowls blend function with a whole lotta heritage.

And the best part? You can get one for $29.99 or grab two for $49.99. That covers not just the bowl itself, but also di journey it took to get to you and all the hard work from the skilled hands that make it happen.

So go on, elevate your dining game and soak up some of that Caribbean magic with your authentic calabash bowls.

Much gratitude for allowing me to be your trusted source.

Next shipment from jamaica will be May 2024

Handmade Jamaican Calabash Bowl

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