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The Holistic Healing House Ascension Program

Location: Durham-Chapel Hill, NC 

The Holistic Healing House Ascension program was designed for aspiring , beginner or intermediate healing practitioners . 


The purpose:

To completely immerse upon a personal journey led by trained professional healers in multiple modalities to elevate your journey and prepare you to properly serve and service your community. This immersive program is a rights of passage for those looking to devote themselves to true holistic healing work and requires a 14 day commitment process . 


The process 

The Holistic Healing House is a healing temple that serves its community as a safe haven and training space . Prior to beginning your immersion each student must fill out an application , pay application fees , submit a physical questionnaire and be verified via an interview process . Only 4 students will be selected per immersion semester . Only candidates that are in alignment with community building and holistic living will be accepted . 


The Protocol:

Commitment, Honesty, Discipline, Togetherness

4 weeks of attentiveness and hard core dedication.  Take advantage of the mentorship opportunity, virtually. Most of the course work will be online and is self-paced with occasional zoom meetings. 


What mentees typically receive: 

General Support

Access to written post + open  discussions

Access to exclusive informative videos

Book Recommendations/Textbook References

Private community (telegram)

Digital downloads & PDFs

Exclusive Heal Thyself Tips (mind , body , soul)

Indigenous/Aboriginal Information

Soul Path Recognition

Direct Spiritual Guidance + Weekly Personal Consultation

Awakening Your Deepest Truth

High Esoteric Knowledge

Learning opportunities include various aspects of holistic healing with High Priestess/Chieftess BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti El-Bey and as well as guest instructors/master teachers. Certificates of completion are given at the end of the course. 


All work is considered an educational opportunity to learn about organic/holistic methods to heal yourself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  

• You will receive a link (1 week prior to the program start date) to our private community for direct access to me and also a link to our online portal where you will have an online classroom setting. 

Exploring sacred traditions as a portal to the health of people as well as the planet will be one of the  primary focuses of this session. We live in unprecedented times and living in alignment  can provide the remedy needed for optimum health, resilience, strength, flexibility and adaptability. 

This program will cover the following:

-Introduction to holistic living 

-Holistic essential oils 

-How to make and use herbal remedies

-Techniques for growing herbs for food + medicine 

-Communicating with plants and plant spirit medicine 

-Herbal first aid 

-Herbs for YOUR specific body type

-Healing your household

-Ancient Spiritual Tradition 


.....and much more !

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