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Secrets Kept in Nature 

awakening, educating and enlightening the mind, body and spirit through holistic living 


Divine Balance and Wellness,
Welcome to Secrets Kept in Nature.  S.K.I.N is home of high vibrational living and is here to provide you with holistic healing modalities, spiritual divination tools, practices, importances and benefits of natural living. Here we welcome beings from all walks of life. This is home for those who are passionate about ascension, elevation and who have the desire to rid themselves of low vibrational habits and toxic programming.
 S.K.i.N is heavily influenced by Caribbean culture and is also an animal cruelty free community that promotes and encourages clean eating , stress-less living coupled with healing and spiritual solutions to better approximate ourselves to freedom, truth and the natural order of the universe. 
Alongside being an advocate for a variety of non- pharmacological interventions, S.K.I.N's vital mission is to awaken, educate and enlighten the mind, body, and spirit. Daily focus of this tri-fecta will allow our tribe to access a higher consciousness to remain in constant alignment and connection  to THE CREATOR of all things.
 While strengthening and awakening  the wisdom and knowledge within, it is ensured that each experience becomes something transformative  to each and every being.
With wisdom, peace and expertise, join us as we become the highest versions of ourselves. 
Infinite gratitude,
Secrets Kept in Nature

Meet The Mystik 

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

Master Herbalist 


High Priestess 

International Indigenous Birth Worker(Doula)

Postpartum + Death Doula

Spiritual Event Planner

Retreat Host 

Grand Reiki Master 

Handmade Skincare Products 

Secrets Kept in Nature’s  hand crafted  products clean , hydrate , and revitalizes your skin while unveiling a soft , glowing and radiant YOU ! All of SKIN products are all natur-al; straight from the Great Mother herself , never chemically altered . Rinse & cleanse your natty roots with the combo shampoo and conditioner pack , replenish your melanin with  our custom body wash & handmade soaps. Enhance your aura shine with natural self love healing skin products that love you back. Specializing in eczema and psoriasis skin therapy, clearing up dark spots , blemishes and preventing breakouts.

Spiritual + Intuitive Coaching 

BriAnkh-Ka is a spiritual guide who gives accurate readings through a range of mediums such as natal chart readings, shadow work sessions, pendulum dowsing, energy attuning,  reiki healing and more. She uses her intuition to offer guidance to all clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead. She also offers personal prosperity and protection ceremonies. When you schedule your reading or intuitive session, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where  you need the most guidance. 

Detoxification Programs 

Detoxing and reprogramming the body on a cellular level  to aid in mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation. Join a 7 day, 21 day , 12 week or a 6 month plan.

Women's Health
Womb Healing 

Embark on a personal 12 week journey designed for the melanin dominant and indigenous wombman in efforts to end past life trauma, womb imbalances, heavy and painful periods, infertility, generational curses, toxic programming and to further get in tune with your highest self, the Creator of all things, your mind, body, spirit, soul and experience a total life transformation in order to live in optimum health. 

Goddess embark on the workings of your womb while creating and giving birth to the divine itself. During your pregnancy have BriAnkh-Ka right in your corner as your birth doula . Experience breathing exercises , In home visits , video chats , mommy papering , massages , hair treatments , ect. Personalized packages tailored to meet the physical , emotional , and spiritual needs to ensure the sacred birthing experience. Birth & death doula services available.

Holistic + Spiritual Brand Management 
Illustrated Plant

Optimizing spiritual and holistic businesses and assisting owners in activating their divine flow to increase product sales, business organization and website traffic through intuitive marketing and coaching. 

Retreats + Events 

Whether its a baby shower/welcoming, mother's blessing way, solar return celebration, moon gathering, spa session, union ceremony, retreat, rites of passage or lecture, let Secrets Kept in Nature take the load off by finding and suggesting venues, create custom party favors, photography and plant based catering. Build your own package today! Stay tuned for events hosted by Secrets Kept in Nature LLC.  

1-on-1 Mentorship 

Sit down and talk with yourself and cells with a one on one mentorship with BriAnkh-Ka. I invite you to dive deep within yourself while I guide you on a journey to exploring your inner and best self.  Enjoy a personal package tailored to you and your needs. Welther your package includes accountability and reflection journals , spiritual and personal growth guidance, scheduled zooms calls , meditation and affirmation sessions , ceremony cleansing , coaching etc. There is a personalized healing arrangement in store  for those from all walks of life.

Journey 2 Self Love  

Fall head over heels with yourself ! Go within!  Straight to the Heart Chakra for A Self Love Repairing Journey. Explore yourself , hug yourself, appreciate yourself, release any self doubts and remember your true loving essence . Radiating self love for yourself will externally turn your world into a more loving environment. Accept the journey of falling in love with yourself all over again and watch how your life and your frequency shifts before your eyes.

Birthwork / Doula Support
Herbal Supplements 
Black and White Flower

S.K.I.N. offers a range of herbal supplements including , Certified organic encapsulated pulverized herbal blends, oils and tinctures. Handmade herbal supplements to heal & improve your physical and mental health. Try favorites such as our mother’s milk lactation tea brew to help nursing mothers or our smokers blend tea , an alternative for smokers to still vibe out the al-natural way and with added health benefits

Transition to Self Substainable Living Program
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With all of the changes in the world, it's time that we tribe up with those who resonate with our frequency in terms of tribal, ancient and self sustainable living. S.K.I.N. is currently in the process of buying land and building eco-friendly homes, purchasing solar panels and other tools that would aid in total sovereignty. We're looking to link with soul family who share this same vision and only those who are serious in moving forward. 

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I have been looking for natural soaps and body care items and had yet to find ones that made me look and feel good until I found S.K.I.N. So far I have purchased and used the 7 chakra bar and turmeric body butter. I’m in love with the scent of the bar and love what it represents as well as how it makes me feel while using it and after. I have learned that there is such a huge difference in health and skin care products that are made with positive and uplifting intentions and that is exactly what S.K.I.N. is about. The turmeric body butter has changed my skin from dry and bumpy to moisturized and smooth. I’m so glad I no longer use those medicated lotions and found these products. I am so grateful for these products and can’t wait to try more.

Desiree E

Ok so I had a 2 major tests coming up and I knew I needed further assistance from another realm and a higher power. Of course I seeked those for myself BUT, Bri popped in my head out of NO WHERE when I thought to myself "who can I call on for further assistance regarding higher powers and different realms?" Lo & behold, sure enough, Bri popped in my head out of NO WHERE and I KNEW RIGHT THEN, the universe/God sent that thought to me! I reached out to Bri and she didn't hesitate to tell me what to get in order to help me gain further assistance with my worries about passing my tests. I told her my situation and she told me go out and get a red candle, and that was it. I lit my candle, said my prayers aloud, etc. She did the rest on her end, sent me a picture of her work, told me it was done and I passed both of my damn tests. BOFFUM! She literally kept telling me, "it is done" every time I reached out to her. I definitely felt a boost of confidence after reaching out to her and buying the candle. Something shifted in me that I cannot explain. I felt at ease, at peace, not worried, and super confident. It got to me a little cause I was so at ease I began to think I didn't even have to take the damn test and I'd still get certified lol. But Bri is REALLY POWERFUL. Her words are not to be taken lightly, she means what she says. She speaks power INTO you and OVER YOU. I am a living testimony! Once she did the work on her and and sent pics to prove it, I can't even begin to tell y'all how LIGHT I felt, literally, physically felt LIGHT. I could make this way longer. Bri is NOT to be toyed with. She's POWERFUL.

Lakisha F.

I was introduced to S.K.i .N when a friend gave me a bar of soap to try. From then I've been hooked. From the Pum Pum Spritza to the Tumeric soap, to the Glacier... Bri you are a trust alchemist and we are blessed to get to experience these products!


"Yo, I've been really interested in trying the Pum Pum Spritza for a while since I've seen a promotion about it and then taking a look at the awesome list of ingredients it consists of and I can honestly say I am very satisfied with how fresh and sensational my pum pum feels after applying it after every shower almost everyday.
I was initially looking forward to including the spritza into my every other day hygiene regimen just for an extra smell good and cleansing, but yo I use it just about everyday and even use it as apart of my facial hydration routine as a toner from what was mentioned in the promotion to try out and I'm glad I did.
My face and yoni have been smiling back at me for my decision on trying this product and it's been about two months, using it consistently.
I love the cool, minty feeling after applying it too, and I believe that comes from the tea tree oil infusion, which I highly appreciate cause I already keep some handy dandy tea tree oil in my shower on the daily for the aroma and also to treat my skin with it.

Aye Bri if you ever think about making a monthly subscription of this thang, I'm wit it, definitely will subscribe. The first time I bought it, it lasted me one month exactly using it for my face and yoni. The second time I purchased I had to get two bottles! Just had to, haha.