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Secrets Kept in Nature 

awakening, educating and enlightening the mind, body and spirit through holistic living 


Divine Balance and Wellness,
Welcome to Secrets Kept in Nature.  S.K.I.N is home of high vibrational living and is here to provide you with holistic healing modalities, spiritual divination tools, practices, importances and benefits of natural living. Here we welcome beings from all walks of life. This is home for those who are passionate about ascension, elevation and who have the desire to rid themselves of low vibrational habits and toxic programming.
 S.K.i.N is heavily influenced by Caribbean culture and is also an animal cruelty free community that promotes and encourages clean eating , stress-less living coupled with healing and spiritual solutions to better approximate ourselves to freedom, truth and the natural order of the universe. 
Alongside being an advocate for a variety of non- pharmacological interventions, S.K.I.N's vital mission is to awaken, educate and enlighten the mind, body, and spirit. Daily focus of this tri-fecta will allow our tribe to access a higher consciousness to remain in constant alignment and connection  to THE CREATOR of all things.
 While strengthening and awakening  the wisdom and knowledge within, it is ensured that each experience becomes something transformative  to each and every being.
With wisdom, peace and expertise, join us as we become the highest versions of ourselves. 
Infinite gratitude,
Secrets Kept in Nature

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