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APK Home - Experience the Horror of Scary Stranger 3D, a Simulation Game with Advanced AI

Scary Stranger 3D is the only place where a thrilling battle with very appealing situations will happen. This is a fun game where you can change into an extremely mischievous character. You will have fun here. If your life is too boring, play this game right away. The goal is to tease your new neighbors and show how scary your bad behavior is.

apk home scary stranger 3d

Scary Adventure is about to beginBob is a mischievous kid who always wants to prank his neighbors in this scary stranger game. An older man moved near Bob's house and in his neighbor. In jogo da professora malvada Bob has always wanted to prank people, whether they are neighbors or strangers in tricky prank game. Known facts about this new neighbor are that he was a jogo do velho, and what's more fun for a naughty kid to prank an scary teacher who is also his neighbor? While every stranger is terrified of this scary teacher who just moved to their town, Bob is the only kid with intentions of pranking him in numerous ways. Isn't it fun to think about a jogo do velhor caught in pranks? Pranking on neighbors has always been fun in jogo do vizinho do mal, and it becomes better when the grumpy jogo da professora malvada doesn't know who is doing it. It is a perfect opportunity for Bob to prank his strange neighbor in jogo do vizinho do mal, who lives an isolated life. Bob's life got dull as his pranks and mischievous intentions were no longer a secret for the people of his town. But this jogo do velho who has no idea will become the pawn of Bob's prank games. What's funnier than pranking your neighbor? In this funny neighbor game, you will play funny tricks on this scary stranger who cannot withstand your creative pranks games. While the horror of breaking into this scary neighbor's house is a risk you are willing to take in scary stranger game, you plan clever pranks to ruin his day anonymously. Bob's new target is a scary stranger. With several different pranks on this scary neighbor, this scary prankster game assures you that the stranger will feel like he is a part of the circus. He will feel it because this jogo da professora malvada moved to a new town and is subject to pranks of Bob. As a naughty kid, Bob doesn't like teachers or neighbors who appear strange to him. While the scary stranger game will give you little horrors, this prankster game on neighbor will also give you a good laugh. Do you feel bored and want to have some fun? Help Bob in completing playful tasks and creating problems for the scary stranger. Let's see how naughty you are. This game is scary and fun at the same time. The prankster game gives you high-quality 3D graphics and smooth and easy controls and has a sound quality that makes your pranks even more fun on the neighbor. With exciting activities to prank your strange neighbor, you will have an addictive experience while playing this game.

Description : Scary Stranger 3D is a simulator of a tyrant who plays tricks on his neighbors. Here a newcomer settled in close proximity and immediately acquired the reputation of an extremely strange and even a little scary person. Now he's the main target for the main character. Make an insidious and fun trade without attracting the attention of a suspicious person, arrange tricks, watch the consequences and reveal all facets of the victim's character. Features : * High Quality 3D Graphics! * Amazing Sounds! * Smooth and Easy Controls! * Interesting activities! * Direction map and Hints!

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy many exciting chapters from Scary Stranger 3D, each offering its own unique activities and new adventures. Find yourself exploring his house, going to the beach, playing the scary-theme game, and enjoying many unique chapters from the game. All of which should allow you to have absolute fun in the game. Enjoy playing the addictive mobile title and always stay tuned for more chapter updates.

Welcome to the terrifying and scary world of Hello Stranger that is your neighbour.Do you like scary games? If yes then you are at the right place. We made this horror game for you.Thought if you are locked in a psychotic stranger's house that is in your neighbour with only your wits to defend yourself. Nobody knows where you are if you want to get rid of this scary neighbour's house then try to escape from hell.You must be quiet and move stealthily otherwise he'll creep up on you and kill you instantly. Scary Stranger hears everything in his horror house, even if you drop a coin on the floor, he'll come running.Our scary stranger 3d Game is a scary home alone game specially for you. I think you are interested in mystique scary creature games. This game is actually about what's in your scary neighbor house and what scary neighbor is hiding in the home alone. Scary neighbor always gets mischievous when he comes across a scary stranger. If you are a scary game lover and very excited to play scariest games. Then this scary stranger game will be very interesting for you.Scary Stranger Neighbor Home 3d game is an epic adventure & survival escape game in which you have to enjoy a game play like scary butcherChallenges in this Scary Game.* Hide in wardrobes, trunks or under beds so he doesn't find you. You must escape from this scary house in this game - your life depends upon it.* Find the Hammer first if you want to survive in this scary game.* Finding a screwdriver is really hard and full of fear in this terrifying horror game.*Last one is the key of your life: find the key and escape from this hell.Top 5 reasons you will LOVE Hello Scary Stranger neighbour:1. Immersive environments full of things you can use to plan your escape2. Run away from a scary psycho with his own intelligence and understanding of your moves.3. Mind-bending difficult puzzles at every step.4. Heart-pounding realistic sounds and visuals (game not for the faint of heart)5. Use your own strategy to escape - make a run for it or sit and wait for the perfect moment to dash! There is a scary Neighbor in your Town he will catch you in his misty stinger house, then you will escape from the scary home and you have to explore the house of a scary neighbor. So you decided to find out what was going on in your scary neighbor house. So choose to escape from the scared house, but its no longer fun to be at home alone. You got a grumpy crazy neighbor, who is absolutely angry at you. Get inside and hide somewhere, find the keys to unlock the room and complete the commissioned task before the stranger catches you. First of all its really challenging to escape from his evil house. That scary chapter of a scary game is super. Get ready to explore the misty of this scary Neighbor. scary stranger 3d is a fun filled game. In this scariest game you are required to do different interesting activities and you will fail the level again and again. Dont worry, you have 5 lives in a level to escape from the mystique dark house. The stranger is busy with his mystique activities and also must be watching you. A scary neighbor is always alert, his observation cameras are simply everywhere. Once a stinger notices that you are trying to escape from the strangle house, he will immediately catch you. Hidden object search may also save you from nightmares. Now you are in the scary teacher house. If you have a lot of interest in playing horror or scary games, hide-and-seek, puzzles, and hidden object challenges, you cannot miss out on this scary neighbor game. Here, you will face a grumpy scary neighbor with the same level of threat as a serial killer, like Mr.Emily, or even the scary ice cream man from Ice Scream, Rod. Hope you're gonna enjoy this scary game.

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hello.scary.stranger.neighbor.home is the android app named Hello Scary Stranger Neighbor Home 3D . Download Hello Scary Stranger Neighbor Home 3D - Package Name: hello.scary.stranger.neighbor.home. Click here to download.

All the apps & games here are for home or personal use only. If any apk download infringes your copyright, please contact us. Scary Stranger 3D is the property and trademark from the developer Z & K.

It is a great scary and fun game with cool visual effects and sounds. This game features 3D graphics and has thrilling animations and effects. You can interact with the environment in the game. Characters, items and locations are so perfectly made in game that everything looks so realistic. Sound effects are awesome and never get you bored when playing the game. You can use boosters which will help you to complete difficult levels.

Scary Stranger 3D is a thrilling and awesome game where you have to hide from a teacher and set traps for pranks. It is designed to give the best 3D gameplay with amazing visuals and sound effects. It is scary and fun at the same time because there are so many missions in the game which give you jump scares and entertainment. You can get the modified game version from our site which gives you endless money in the game. You can freely upgrade different items in the game and enhance your capabilities to do different things.

Scary Stranger 3D is an action simulation game. The graphics of this game are 3D. In this game, you have to survive all the scary people and things of this game. There are different levels in this game. This game is all about your neighborhood and the people of the surrounding.

Scary Teacher 3D is a free adventure mobile game developed by Z & K Games. This game will have you jump into a creepy 3D world, where a scary teacher rules. You will play as a genius student who will take revenge for the sake of the other students.

The premise of Scary Teacher 3D is one of revenge. As mentioned, your goal as a player is to spook the infamous scary teacher to teach her a lesson. The game opens up with the teacher becoming your neighbor, drastically changing the dynamic between the two of you. The gameplay involves escalating tasks that you must complete in a set time. As with stealth games, you must not be spotted.

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