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Become a Pro Cab Driver in These Fun Taxi Games

Taxi Driver was to be a video game adaptation of the 1976 movie of the same name, directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Paul Schrader. With a release planned for 2006, Taxi Driver was being developed by Papaya Studio for the Xbox and the Playstation 2 and would receive a fair amount of attention in 2005, attention it found itself sharing with the tidal wave of video game adaptations of classic movies that swept the industry around that time. Its brethren carried such names as The Godfather, Scarface, Dirty Harry, Jaws, The Warriors and From Russia With Love and, surprisingly, most of them would actually come out to positive critical and fan reception, something almost unheard of in the movie tie-in side of the video game industry.

Some, however, would be quietly abandoned shortly after their announcement, leaving gamers to wonder years later if these had simply been figments of their imagination from a time when the news of video games based on beloved movies was so common that any title could have been a reality. Something akin to the Mandela Effect. This would be the fate of Taxi Driver, and its cancellation would be significantly more mysterious than any other.

taxi driver game

Everything seemed in place for Taxi Driver, yet the news that a video game adaptation of such a classic and serious cinematic work was moving forward would not be received with a lot of excitement by certain parties. And, unfortunately, for Papaya and Majesco, some of these parties had quite a bit of influence.

In 2005, Robert De Niro had revealed in an interview that there had been talks of a Taxi Driver sequel with Scorcese attached to direct once more, and this could very well have been one of the reasons why he had gone to such lengths to stop a continuation of the story in video game form from happening. This is speculation, however.

Papaya Studio would sue Majesco for breach of contract in late 2005, likely over the sudden cancellation of Taxi Driver, and the latter would settle in 2007 for a sum of money and the transfer of video game assets developed under their contract over to Papaya. They would go on to release several titles based on licenses aimed toward children over the next few years before closing doors in 2013, never getting another shot at releasing what would have likely been their biggest game.

In some ways i feel i played this game in Liberty City Stories on ps2. That game featured a custom Cabbie called a Bickle and a replayable vigilante side mission. Overall i like Stories more than GTA3 and wish it would be added to ps2 on ps4 game library.

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EDISON, N.J., May 11, 2005 - Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the historic motion picture, Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ : COOL ) , an innovative provider of digital entertainment content and products, today announced the development of Taxi Driver TM, a video game based on the classic Martin Scorsese-directed film from Columbia Pictures. Through a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures Consumer Products (SPCP), Taxi Driver is currently being developed by Papaya Studio and is scheduled to ship in spring 2006.

"Nominated for four Academy Awards , 'Taxi Driver' remains one of the most iconoclastic films of our time. Compelling and powerful, the movie ensnares viewers in the seedy urban world of New York cabbie Travis Bickle, and we hope to do likewise with our game," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. "We look forward to developing a game that remains true to the spirit and style of the movie, and embodies a total entertainment experience."

"We're excited to be working with Majesco on a game for Taxi Driver , " stated Mark Caplan, Executive Director, Interactive, Sony Pictures Consumer Products. "We're confident they, together with Papaya Studio, will create a game that successfully makes the transition from film to the video game world."

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Martin Scorsese's classic film Taxi Driver was an exploration of the psyche of its protagonist, and it changed the way movies are made. Meanwhile, the world of video games has come a long way since its inception, and the story within the games have become just as rich as they are in cinema.

Whether in open-world games such as Grand Theft Auto or story-driven narratives such as Cyberpunk 2077, plenty of games have captured the themes of Taxi Driver. Though no game has ever been a direct adaptation of the movie, there are plenty of excellent games out there for fans of Scorsese's magnum opus.

Though it started as a mobile game, The 25th Ward: The Silver Case found its way to platforms and has lived on years after its initial release. The game tells a series of interweaving stories that all revolve around the newly constructed 25th ward and the various criminal elements there.

The game was made in a hyper-stylized 2D style, and it shares many of the neo-noir elements that made Taxi Driver so striking. The game explores both sides of the law and has characters that are both innocent and guilty of crimes. Also, the game deals with the grittier side of city life, and has a somewhat cynical bent to its storytelling.

Travis Bickle's job as a taxi cab driver is a large part of the film's story, and driving is also integral to Driver: Parallel Lines' as well. In the game, the user takes control of a man who is out for revenge against the gang that he used to work for as a driver.

Set across several time periods, the game has extensive sections in the 1970s, and those sequences have a quintessential Taxi Driver vibe. One of the best open-world PlayStation 2 games, Driver allowed players to explore the story at their own pace, and they could become more submerged in the character's quest for revenge.

Keeping the exciting open-world style of the previous games, Arkham Knight was the culmination of the entire Arkham series. The game does an excellent job of capturing the loneliness of Batman, and there is a certain vigilante similarity between Bats and Travis Bickle. What it boils down to is perception, and while Bickle and Batman perceive themselves as heroes, the Batman: Arkham series' many great side characters may not.

Showing just how far video game narratives have come in recent years, Lost Judgement presented a tangled web that tackled deep issues. The game centers around a private detective who investigates a man suspected of murdering a series of bullies at a local school.

Even though the game could have gotten bogged down in its story, Lost Judgement managed to have exciting gameplay elements to complement its narrative. Revenge is at the heart of the story, and the idea of vigilante justice weaves through the tale much in the same way as Taxi Driver. Though Yagami isn't the Bickle character, the man he pursues is very much like Scorsese's protagonist.

Though the two products couldn't be more different aesthetically speaking, both Taxi Driver and the Mad Max game deal with similar ideas. The game takes the desolate post-apocalyptic landscape of the movies and brings it to life through an open-world action RPG-style experience.

Travis Bickle deals with isolation and loneliness in his urban environment, and those ideas are taken to the extreme through Max's character. The wasteland is a hostile place where almost every other person is an enemy, and in a lot of ways that is how Bickle viewed the world as well. It wasn't a hit upon release, but many have reason to believe the 2015 Mad Max game was underrated and have given it another chance.

Though it was initially dismissed as a GTA clone, The Getaway established its own style and gained a fanbase all its own. The game centers around a man who is forced to once again work for the mob after his son is kidnaped by the criminal organization.

The urban environments of London are unique for the game, but it still has a very familiar isolating feeling to films like Taxi Driver. Violence becomes necessity and there is a graying of moral lines that leads Mark Hammond down a dark road to get his son back. After missions are completed, the player is free to roam the maps, and it allows them to get deeper into the environment and headspace of the character.

The Fallout series had already soared to new heights with the third installment, but fans were shocked to find that New Vegas was even better. The game follows an unnamed protagonist as he wanders the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Mojave to find the man who tried to murder him.

Maintaining the usual retro-futuristic style of the previous games, New Vegas still managed to have freshness that set it apart from the others in the series. All of Fallout deals with moral ambiguity, but New Vegas also managed to capture the isolation of its environment. Though the city of New Vegas is a far cry from Taxi Driver's New York, the same human failings are a constant across both.

Max has been broken down by his years and the character has become somewhat of an anti-hero by the third game. The loneliness of his life in a foreign country comes through in the story, and he has an almost Travis Bickle-like outlook on life in general. Outside its rich and complicated narrative, the game is also a blast to play, and maintained the usual level of excitement that fans had come to expect from Max Payne.

The GTA series is one of the most celebrated in video game history, and many fans believe that Grand Theft Auto IV is the best of all. The single player mode focuses on a man who immigrates to Liberty City from Eastern Europe and finds himself entangled in the city's criminal underworld.

Like its predecessors, the game's world is open which allows for exploration and interesting side-quests while pursuing the main storyline. GTA has always put moral choices in the player's hands, and they have the opportunity to do good, bad, or somewhere in the middle. Similar to the way the Travis Bickle becomes enveloped by the city, Niko isn't immune to the negative influences of his new environment.

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