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Zodiac Chart



Types of services offered:

Natal Chart Readings/Interpretations: 


This interpretation can give you a basic outlook or roadmap of your journey this lifetime based on your astrological positioning. By knowing the planetary placement on the day and time that you were born , you can understand certain debilitations and blockages as well as successes and advantages you may face or encounter this lifetime. This will bring you a step closer to self mastery. This interpretation can tell you about yourself, your personality, gains/losses, how you communicate, your desires, your current/future health, partnerships and more. Knowing your good aspects and not so good aspects will keep you aligned with the divine laws of the universe.  

Shadow Work Session: 

In this one on one session, you will have a chance to face your traumas, emotional triggers, access your emotional responses, negative human emotions and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, desire, and the striving for power. This session is all about learning your  "dark side" and debilitations to better access your highest self instead of disowning the lower parts of yourself. 

Pendulum Dowsing/ Energy Attunement: 



 In this practice, a pendulum is used as a divination tool to measure energies, neutralize negative situations and also to remove negative entities. Pendulum dowsing can be used to see if there are any negative entities in a home and/or body and even things like measuring the frequency of your water. It can be used to attune your chakras, cut chords, soul ties, measure mental stability, the energy level of your pet(s) , organ health and more. 


Prosperity Manifestation Prayer/Ritual Ceremony : 


In this practice, you will access a powerful, customized money manifestation/abundance ceremony performed by initiated High Priestess BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti  to greatly enhance your financial life, gain prosperity and abundance. This ceremony/ritual can help get a job, pay off a debt, or obtain a luxury item. It will also help you gain general wealth and protect the wealth you have already acquired.

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Negative Energy Protection Ritual Ceremony :  


In this practice, you will access a powerful, highly activated customized protection process performed by initiated High Priestess BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti for a said number of days and nights  to enhance serious protection around you and/or your loved ones. This ceremony/ritual can help protect your home, children, job, keep negative entities from entering your auric field and protect your overall life. It will also help you gain a general awareness as to when negative energies arise and prevent psychic/spiritual attacks.

(complete form below to receive quote for service cost. prices vary per situation)

Ask me: 


Your personal advice columnist. In this one on one session, you have the chance to ask any questions pertaining to your personal, spiritual, health, sex, emotional or even love life. This does not include any type of divining or reading. This session is only advice strictly from my level of understanding by way of life experiences, books, research and studying. Get insight on books, lectures and more. 


 Once your donation has been received, you will receive a message with a date and time of your reading. Please include your cash app $CashTag on the form below.

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"The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind"

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