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Ancient Indigenous Birthworkers/
Doula Apprenticeship 

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: online and in person

Start Date: April 29, 2023 - July 22, 2023

The Ancient Indigenous Birthworker's Doula Apprenticeship was designed for those who are seeking an intensive and extensive doula training experience with hands on , 1-on-1 training, virtual course work and a mentor-mentee relationship with Certified Holistic Practitioner, Herbalist, Doula, Traditional Birthworker and Grand Reiki Master, BriAnkh-ka I-Shanti.


The purpose:

To completely immerse upon a personal journey led by a trained, professional birthworker/doula. To understand birth work as a ministry tool and learn how to physically, emotionally and spiritually support women around the world as they labor and give birth. Elevate your craft/practice on your journey as a birthworker so that you can prepare to properly serve and service your community. This immersive program is a rights of passage for those looking to devote themselves to true holistic birthwork and requires a 12 week commitment process. 


The process 

Prior to beginning your immersion each student must register, submit your questionnaire, pay application fees and be verified via a virtual interview process . It is not required for you to already be a certified doula/birthworker, however, having a background in birthwork is a plus. Only 10 students will be selected per immersion semester. Only candidates that are in alignment with community building and holistic living will be accepted . 


The Protocol:

Commitment, Honesty, Discipline, Togetherness

12 weeks of attentiveness and hard core dedication.  Take advantage of the mentorship opportunity, virtually, with scheduled in person workshops (optional). Most of the course work will be online and is self-paced with occasional zoom meetings. 


What mentees typically receive: 

General Support

Access to written post + open  discussions

Access to exclusive informative videos

Book Recommendations/Textbook References

Private community (telegram)

Digital downloads & PDFs

Exclusive Heal Thyself Tips (mind , body , soul)

Indigenous/Aboriginal Information

Soul Path Recognition

Direct Spiritual Guidance + Weekly Personal Consultation

Awakening Your Deepest Truth

High Esoteric Knowledge

1 on 1 in person & virtual training workshops

CPR & First Aid certification 

Assistance with up to 3 live births 

Certification in Herbalism 

Learning opportunities include various aspects of holistic healing with High Priestess/Chieftess BriAnkh-Ka I-Shanti El-Bey and as well as guest instructors/master teachers. Certificates of completion are given at the end of the course. 


All work is considered an educational opportunity to learn about organic/holistic methods to heal yourself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  

• You will receive a link (2 weeks prior to the program start date) to our private community for direct access to me and also a link to our online portal where you will have an online classroom setting. 

Exploring sacred traditions as a portal to maternal autonomy. Redefining Indigenous Birthwork  will be one of the  primary focuses of this session. We live in unprecedented times and living in alignment  can provide the remedy needed for optimum health, resilience, strength, flexibility, adaptability and a positive birth experience. 

This program will cover the following:

  • Introduction : History of Doulas

  • Types of Birthworkers

  • Code of Ethics + Client Confidentiality

  • Doula Roles

  • R.I.B. (Redefining Indigenous Birthwork)

  • Ancient Spiritual Tradition 

  • Western medicine vs the traditional approach

  • Nutrition

  • Herbalism + Aromatherapy

  • Servicing the melanin dominant

  • Holistic Pregnancy + Childbirth

  • Birth Rights + Hospital Policy

  • Types of Births

  • Holistic pain management

  • Introduction to holistic living 

  • Holistic essential oils 

  • How to make and use herbal remedies

  • Techniques for growing herbs for food + medicine 

  • Herbal first aid 

  • Healing your household

  • Energy work

  • Labor + Delivery

  • Newborn Care

  • The 4th Trimester (Postpartum Care)

  • Doula in Training

  • Your Grab Bag

  • Doula Package Structure

  • Starting your business

  • The initiation

.....and much more !

Get the training you need to become a doula/birthworker.

Once you submit your course fee, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out in regards to your goals and the reason why you are pursuing the particular path of becoming a birthworker. LIMITED SPACES!

Please allow 24-48 hours to receive the email .

Make sure that your email address and all other information is right and exact.

I look forward to connecting with you! 



FAQ: What exactly is a doula?

Answer: A doula is typically a person trained to advise, inform, and offer emotional support, spiritual support and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and after the birth of her child. 


FAQ: Once this course is complete will I be "certified"?

Answer : No. This is a training course created to educate you as a birthworker. Becoming a doula DOES NOT require any type of certification. A doula is not a medical professional. A doula simply supports the mother throughout the pregnancy, during the birth and after the birth. You will receive a certificate of attendance and completion upon finishing the course. 


FAQ: Is this course a DONA approved training workshop?

Answer: No. This course is for those who know and understand that birthing and birthwork requires no approval, no certification and feel power in excercising their private, indigenous, aboriginal and soverigned birthright. This course is for those who simply seek the knowledge and are willing to learn and do the work because there is a greater mission at hand. This is for those who seek no validation from programs that create the idea of standards and requirements to solely make money off of you. 


FAQ: Does this course cover all of the requirements that are listed by DONA?

Answer: I have ensured that this course covers everything that you would typically learn in a DONA doula training workshop. However, DONA has a long list of what I would call unnecessary fees and requirements. With DONA you are required to pay for a training workshop $300-$750, purchase a DONA International Birth Doula Certification Packet (which is only valid for 2 years and does not include the postpartum doula certification packet $110 ), complete a birth doula required reading list, attend a breastfeeding class or workshop, receive training in childbirth education or midwifery, attend 3 births (for free), write a 500-1000 word essay, pay another certification application fee totaling anywhere from anywhere from $700-$1,500 (not including yearly membership and recertification fees) which in actuality , none of it is required to start working as an actual doula. 


FAQ: How soon can I begin working as a doula?

Answer: You may begin working as a doula as soon as you would like. I recommend that you get the training, knowledge and tools needed to be able to provide clients with the ultimate experience. Once the course is completed, I encourage you to dive right in and help a mama in need.


FAQ: Can I take this course even if I don't live in your city/ state?

Answer:  Yes! This is an online and in person experience. You will get the hands on training once the course is completed. This program allows you to work with me for up to 3 births as a doula in training (back up doula) once the course is complete. It doesn't matter the city or state that you are in. I have clients in almost all 50 states and internationally. You will get the chance to work directly with me before you step out on your own as a birthworker. 


FAQ: What are the benefits of this course as opposed to other courses I've found online like DONA?

Answer: This course covers ancient holistic and traditional indigenous rites of birthing and healing. This course prepares you to assist home births , births at birthing centers and also hospital births while exercising indigenous birth rights. Once the course is completed, you will be added to Secrets Kept in Nature's Doula Directory.  Being added to the directory is a sure way to get assigned to births in your area. This course is filled with video tutorials, quizzes, assignments and discussions. You will also get a chance to work with me directly as a back up doula to receive hands on experience for up to 3 births. 


FAQ: Are males allowed to take this course?

Answer: Absolutely! This is why in the course you will learn why I eventually abandon the term doula/doulo and adopt a more appropriate term, birthworker. Some women prefer a more intimate birth setting with just her and her partner. Having your husband/partner as your doula/birthworker is a sure way to keep things private all while withholding the knowledge that it takes to create the safe experience that mama desires. 

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